Galle Film Festival
About the Festival

In 2010 the costal town of Galle will play host to Sri Lanka’s inaugural international film festival. The festival will be a five day extravaganza.

The Galle Film Festival aims to provide a forum where film can be embraced, appreciated and discovered. The workshops, discussion groups and gala are designed to facilitate dialogue between audiences, critics and filmmakers whilst providing a common meeting place for like minded individuals who share a passion for film.

The festival also encompasses a screening series titled Shooting for Change, which focuses on the power of the media to affect social change. Shooting for Change is an annual feature, with each year having its own theme. Through various activities ranging from screenings to workshops, we will explore the role of films in changing human values, minds and behaviour. The central focus will be on the complex and enormous challenges of the evolving relationship between nature and society.

The setting for the film festival will be the historic costal city of Galle and its glorious fort, which is also a UN world heritage site. Galle offers an idyllic setting for the film festival, with its old world charm, tropical scenery and post colonial accent. The city also provides an inimitable getaway for exploring the cuisine, lifestyle and cultural diversity of Sri Lanka’s resplendent south.

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Latest News

The organizers of The Galle Film Festival regret that this years Festival, due to take place from 2nd December-6th December 2009, has been postponed to 2010 We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Children’s Film Camp

The Galle Film Festival in partnership with the US Embassy is organizing an extraordinary Film Camp for underprivileged children from all parts Sri Lanka. This is an effort to lace together children from many different religious, cultural and ethnic groups living all over the island. It is these children who have predominately been affected by the civil war for most of their lives. With the idea of peace in mind, this camp aims to unite these children, and feed them a positive form of self expression. 

This camp will take place over a period of 10 days, giving the children the opportunity to intermingle and get to know each other in a fun interactive environment, whilst learning how to express themselves artistically through film. They will work closely with director’s and film makers both local and international, who will provide the children with an insight to how film production works, from acting, to editing  to directing. The goal of this is for the children to attempt to make their own short films, which will be showcased in a special screening at the end of the camp, as well as a premiere spot at the Galle Film Festival in October and island wide on local television channel MTV.

The children will leave the camp with a ‘bigger picture’ of the world beyond what they have experienced in their villages.